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Tyrannosaurus Rex “Monty”

Tyrannosaurus rex, commonly abbreviated to T. rex, is one of the most iconic and feared dinosaurs of the late Cretaceous period. It is characterized by its large size, powerful jaw and relatively small arms compared to its enormous body. The T. rex skeleton is designed for hunting and terrestrial locomotion.

Its skull is large and robust, with strong jaws equipped with sharp, serrated teeth, adapted to tear the flesh of its prey. The eyes were located at the front of the head, giving it binocular vision and the ability to judge distance, useful features for hunting.

The short, muscular neck supports the skull, while the torso is wide and solid, housing vital organs and providing stability during locomotion. Its hind legs are long and robust, adapted for running, which allowed it to reach surprising speeds for its size. In contrast, their arms are short and have only two functional fingers, suggesting that their function was limited, possibly for grasping during feeding or for balance when rising from the ground.

The T. rex skeleton is composed primarily of strong, heavy bones, designed to support its large body mass. These included robust dorsal and lumbar vertebrae, as well as long, curved ribs that protected their internal organs. The hind limbs are equipped with massive femurs and tibiae, while the feet have three toes with sharp claws, indicative of their carnivorous and predatory nature.

Incredible museum-quality replicas with a high degree of scientific rigor, in which Computed Tomography of real fossils has been used in addition to an exhaustive paleontological study to create these magnificent models.

Approximate measurements of the T-rex ‘Monty’:

  • 1:15 scale Three-part assembly kit
    • Length 800mm
    • Height 250mm
    • Snout-tail length 850mm
    • Includes acrylic supports
    • Base not included




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